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Join the Kin Community Discord

Not only a great place to chat and connect, but it also contains a community run Help Desk.

The Kin Community Discord is a space which is run and managed by a community of Kin advocates If you have questions or wish to connect with other Kin community members then it’s a good place to check out. The Discord also contains a Help Desk where by submitting a ticket your questions can be answered by other Kin community members.

Steps to join the Kin Community Discord:

  1. If you do not already have the Discord app, you will need to download the app to your device. Visit the official discord website for more information. It’s possible to run discord through your internet browser too without installing the software.
  1. The Kin Community Discord can be accessed by following this invitation link:
  1. If you are looking to submit a question to the community Help Desk, look for the Help Desk channel on the left.

Please Remember

Like all online communities it’s important to stay safe online. Never share your private key with anyone or connect your wallet to unsafe websites, including if accessing support services. If you are contacted in private messages by a person claiming to be technical support, this is most likely a scam. For more tips, be sure to check out the Keeping Safe Online section of 👋 Getting Started with Kin.

Kin is the dynamic human ecosystem on the blockchain—and you are a part of it 👋 . Thank you for being a part of building our community, let's work together to bring more friends into the world of Kin. Learn more about the Kin Community.

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