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How to access migrated Kin using a Ledger?

This article provides the steps to access Kin which was stored using a historical Ledger app.

If you used the Kin XLM app to store your Kin on a Ledger before the migration occurred, then most likely this was Stellar-based Kin. When the Kin token migrated to the Solana Blockchain in late 2020, all Stellar-based Kin automatically migrated.

Steps to access your Kin using Ledger:

  1. Download the Ledger Live App, available here:
  1. After installing Ledger Live, go to Settings → Experimental Features and enable Developer Mode.
  1. Install the KIN SPL app.
  1. In the KIN SPL app go to Settings → Enable Blind Signing.
  1. Go to and choose Ledger Device
  1. Use your Ledger to access your Kin Wallet.
  1. Create a new Solana wallet using an app such as the Phantom Wallet.
  1. Send your Kin accessed on to the new Solana Address you created on Phantom Wallet. Please do a small test transaction first to ensure the transaction is working as intended.
It’s important to transfer the Kin to a new Solana Wallet in Step 7 as the new wallet keypair is updated to be compatible with Solana apps. MyKinWallet will be discontinued in December 2022.

To be safe make sure your PC is clean, before typing in your private key. An extra virus and malware scan is recommended.

More Information

For support queries in relation to using the Ledger Live app, please refer to the official support website:;

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