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How to contribute to the Knowledge Base

Learn how to contribute information to this community knowledge base.

Thanks for your interesting in contributing to this Knowledge Base. For the millions of Kin community members around the world, these articles can help when they have a problem or question about Kin. In general there are two ways you can contribute to the knowledge base:

1. Write new articles

Are there topics that haven’t been covered? You can do a search to find Knowledge Base articles that already exist. To include a new article, we recommend posting it anywhere online (including on Reddit, Medium or Twitter) and tagging the Kin Foundation. Let us know it’s for inclusion here and we will review it. Here’s a few tips for writing great articles:

  1. Make the content easy to read.
  1. Organise the article logically.
  1. Use links strategically.
  1. Use images to save time and create clarity.

2. Help to improve existing articles

Many of the articles we have the information is always evolving so it’s always possible to improve the articles we already have.

Every article you contribute might represent hundreds or thousands of future community questions answered. A great knowledge base can be an incredible tool for educating new Kin community members and building the credibility of the Kin project. Time spent on building this knowledge base will pay off for all for years to come.

Kin is the dynamic human ecosystem on the blockchain— and you are a part of it 👋 . Thank you for being a part of building our community, let's work together to bring more friends into the world of Kin.

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