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Kin Foundation Transparency Reporting

This article provides links to copies of annual transparency reports.

The Kin Foundation, a non-profit organization that oversees the allocation and distribution of the Kin cryptocurrency, releases annual transparency reports that provide an open view of the Kin Foundations activities. The reports include a detailed breakdown of the allocation of the Kin Reserves, ecosystem growth & activity, catalyst fund grant initiatives, ecosystem apps & developers, community advocate initiatives and more.

As Kin paves the path towards mainstream adoption & the growth of a thriving user first Web 3 economy, the annual Kin Foundation Transparency Report provides a completely open view into the strategic direction & growth of the Kin cryptocurrency.

Access to the full transparency reports year-to-date can be found via the links below.

Transparency Reports To-Date:

Kin is the dynamic human ecosystem on the blockchainβ€”and you are a part of it πŸ‘‹ . Thank you for being a part of building our community, let's work together to bring more friends into the world of Kin. Learn more about the Kin Community.

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