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Withdrawing Kin from Mercatox exchange

Users receive an ‘"invalid address" error message when attempting to withdraw Kin from Mercatox exchange

Kin is a token on the Solana blockchain. Across the Solana ecosystem, there are technical standards for transferring SPL tokens or SOL so they all can be sent to the Sol address of the recipient wallet (only one address is needed to receive any type of coin/token across Solana). Unfortunately, Mercatox Exchange did not follow these standards when adding Solana support to their platform.


On Mercatox, SPL Tokens need to be sent directly to the Associated Token Account address. To get this address you need to look at a block explorer of the Solana address where you intend to send the tokens, then look at the Token Accounts tab and see the specific address for the token account. The address already needs to exist. If this address doesn’t exist you can share your public address in the channel “spl activation” on discord (category Help Desk) and one KIN will be send to you. This will activate/create the KIN SPL token address. If you don’t like to share your address publicly you can summit a support ticket and ask for activation of your KIN SPL token address. To enter discord please use When withdrawing from Mercatox be sure to do a test transaction first to ensure it arrives.

Follow these steps to withdraw from Mercatox

Follow these steps to find your Associated Token Account address:

  1. Visit a block explorer such as
  1. Search for your SOL address and click the tokens tab:
This images shows where to find the token tabs on
This images shows where to find the token tabs on
  1. Once selected, on the right hand side change “Summary” view to “Detailed” and this will reveal the Account Address of the Token Accounts within your wallet.
  1. Return to Mercatox and input this address to directly send your tokens to your Associated Token Account.

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