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My Solana wallet has two Kin accounts

This article describes how to fix a Solana account which duplicate token accounts of the same token

Unlike other blockchains, SOL addresses and their token addresses are different. Usually, when a user sends SPL Tokens (including Kin) to the SOL address, the blockchain will automatically direct the SPL tokens into the correct address - so you can use one address to receive all your different types of tokens. However sometimes, the blockchain will create a duplicate of the same type of token which can cause problems.

The first step to take is to check if you have this issue:

Check your address on the Solana explorer and go to the tab Tokens, then choose Detailed instead of Summary on your right. Now you can see your SPL token addresses, if you have only one KIN SPL token then this issue does not affect you.

This screenshot has a single Sol wallet which contains two Kin SPL Token Accounts.
This screenshot has a single Sol wallet which contains two Kin SPL Token Accounts.
If you see you have two or more KIN SPL token addresses, here are two different methods to resolve this issue:

Option 1: Coin98 Migration Tool

  1. Download the Coin98 Wallet, available through: and import your wallet.
  1. In the Homepage, select More
  1. Choose Solana Migration to start the migration process.
    1. This image shows the location of the Solana Migration button in the Coin98  Wallet.
      This image shows the location of the Solana Migration button in the Coin98 Wallet.
  1. At this screen you can check:
    1. The tokens are being stored in more than one SPL address and their amount.
    2. The current address and the newly initiated address after Migration.
  1. Click the Migrate button, then choose Done and wait for seconds to complete the process.

A network fee is charged for this transaction, so you may need a small amount of SOL in your wallet for the migration to complete.

For the latest Coin98 Guides refer to their website here:

Option 2: Manually transfer the tokens to new wallet

In this option you manually create a new wallet, then manually transfer your existing SPL tokens to the new wallet.

  1. Create a new wallet using Phantom or your other preferred Solana wallet. For all option please see:
  1. For your existing wallet which has two more KIN SPL Token Accounts, take the exact amount of tokens held in the first KIN SPL Token address and try to send it to the new wallet. If that doesn’t work, try to send the exact amount that is on the second KIN SPL token address.
  1. Once you identify which wallet you are transferring from, the goal is to transfer the entire balance to the new wallet until the balance of that token address is zero.
  1. Once your initial wallet has a zero balance, soon after the network will let you transfer tokens from the other SPL Token address to your new wallet. Sometimes you may need to wait 24 hours before you can do this.

Once you have transferred all your SPL Tokens to your new wallet, use this wallet going forwards. Make sure to keep your Secret Recovery Phrase or private key for your new wallet secure, see 👋Getting Started with Kin.

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