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My Solana wallet has a Kin account which has another Kin account

This article describes how to fix a token account which has another token account inside of it.

Unlike other blockchains, SOL addresses and their token addresses are different. Usually, when a user sends SPL Tokens (including Kin) to the SOL address, the blockchain will automatically direct the SPL tokens into the correct address - so you can use one address to receive all your different types of tokens. However sometimes, the blockchain can create a Token Account which is owned by another Token Account This can make the tokens in the Second Token Account unable to be accessed by the user. It is not known what causes this issue but it impacts a small number of user wallets across the Solana ecosystem.

The first step to take is to check if you have this issue:

Check your address on the Solana explorer and go to the tab Tokens, then choose Detailed instead of Summary on your right. Now you can see inspect your SPL token account. When this issue occurs the structure of the token accounts resembles this:

Sol Address (Owner of the First Kin Token Account)

→ First Token Account (Owner of the Second Token Account)

→ → Second Token Account (tokens are not accessible)

If you see you have two or more Kin SPL token addresses under the one Sol Address, then you may wish to refer to this article instead: My Solana wallet has two Kin accounts.

Option 1: Use the Sec3 RecoverNested Account Tool

Sec3, a Solana security audit company, have produced the following web tool which will transfer the tokens from the Second Token Account back into the account under the Owner’s control. The tool is currently in beta and available here:

Important Note This RecoverNested Account Tool only works on Second Token Accounts utilising Solana’s Associated Token Account (”ATA”) wallet standard (implemented approximately April 2021 and beyond). For Token Accounts impacted by this issue which were created outside of the ATA standard, the RecoverNested Account Tool will not work for these wallets. This is because the Solana code does not support this tool being run on non-ATA account. The issue has been raised with the Solana Foundation to update the tool to also support non-ATA created accounts. Sec3 have advised that the majority of Kin wallets impacted by this issue are non-ATA accounts and therefore a further update is needed by the Solana Foundation before these accounts can be recovered.

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